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Zoo955: A limnologist’s introduction to spatial analysis and GIS in R

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“Doing the most with your data: Processing, products, metadata and web applications”
GLEON 18 Meeting, Gaming, Austria, July 4th, 2016

“How to build a model in R
GLEON Meeting, Lake George, NY, Oct 30th, 2022

R Packages:
LakeMetabolizer: Collection of functions for estimating metabolism in lakes. CRAN and GitHub.

LakeEnsemblr: Tools for running an ensemble of lake models using standardised input data. Lake models currently incorporated are Freshwater Lake Model (FLake), General Lake Model (GLM), General Ocean Turbulence Model (GOTM) (lake-branch), Simstrat, and MyLake. GitHub.

glmtools: Tools for interacting with the General Lake Model (GLM) in R. GitHub.

GLM3r: R package for basic GLM model running. GitHub.

NTLlakeloads: Download NTL-LTER data and interpolate water quality observations. GitHub.