Dugan Lab Members

Robert Ladwig

Position title: Postdoc

rladwig2@wisc.edu, @hydrobert

Robert is a postdoc working on simulating aquatic ecosystems using GLM-AED2. His scientific work focuses on the interactions between lake ecosystems and their external drivers (atmosphere, catchment, agriculture, water management) as well as how these processes can be numerically simulated. Research Profile.

Joe Stachelek

Position title: Postdoc

stachelek@wisc.edu, @__jsta

Joe’s research is focused on using data science tooling to investigate aquatic ecosystem ecology at broad spatial scales. Joe’s goal is to work towards building better applied science tools for management decision support. Joe is especially interested in principled modeling techniques where existing knowledge is integrated into either model uncertainty or model structure. Research Profile.

Emily Whitaker

Position title: Graduate Student

ewhitaker2@wisc.edu, @EmilyCWhitaker

Emily’s graduate research is focused on how lake ice-on and -off times are changing and how these changes are impacting lake ecosystem. She is interested in the feedback loop occurring with ecosystems surrounding a lake as these times change. Research Profile. 

Adrianna Gorsky

Position title: Graduate Student


Adrianna’s graduate research is focused on examining greenhouse gas emissions, and other aquatic processes, during ice-on and ice-off periods from north temperate lakes. Research Profile. 

Linnea Rock

Position title: Graduate Student

lrock@wisc.edu, @RockLinnea

Linnea’s ambition is to research contaminants in freshwater with the goal of positively affecting water quality. In Linnea is currently studying how chloride is changing freshwater ecosystems and the impacts of these changes.

Ellie Socha

Position title: Graduate Student

esocha2@wisc.edu, @LimnoEllie

Ella Schmidt

Position title: Graduate Student

eschmidt9@wisc.edu, @justalimnogirl

Gale Force

Position title: Lab lab

Lover of lakes and tennis balls. Terrible at research, excellent at field work. Never complains about mosquitoes or cold water.

Past Undergrads

Sam Ahler (graduating 2021)
Sydney Widell (graduating 2021)
Adam Rexroade (graduated 2020)
Alaina Eckert (graduated 2019)
Alex Mathers (graduated 2019)
Thomas Shannon (graduated 2018)